Republican Presidential Nominations: God Help America

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

Last night CNN broadcast a two hour programme featuring four men who sat down in front of a TV camera in Arizona and talked.   Only one of them had anything interesting to say and he had said it hundreds of times before anyway.  Yes it was the Republican’s 20th TV debate during their 2012 Presidential nomination [...]

The Romney Rebound – Mitt wins Florida Primary with help of Super PAC

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

Just like a bad penny the Republicans can’t get rid of Mitt Romney no matter how many candidates they try to replace him with. A succession of front-runners have briefly topped him in the polls and beaten him in the voting in Iowa and South Carolina but he and his Super PACs just keep hanging on [...]

Newt Gingrich Stomps To Victory In South Carolina Primary

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

With 40 percent of the votes in yesterday’s Republican Presidential Nomination primary, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of The House of Representatives, easily beat off the favourite, Mitt Romney, who finished in second place with 28 percent.   This was despite the fact that Newt’s second wife had publicly trashed him on TV two days earlier.  Marianne Gingrich revealed [...]

Rick Perry Pulls Out and Endorses Newt Gingrich

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

This morning Rick Perry, the conservative Governor of Texas, announced his withdrawal from the Republican Presidential race with polls in South Carolina showing him at only 4%. He entered the nomination process back in the summer with an enthusiastic reception from party members – especially Christian Evangelicals – which thrust him into front-runner position and attracted $17 million in campaign funding. His poor [...]

Mitt Romney Rides to Victory in New Hampshire

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

As widely predicted, Mitt Romney won the Republican Presidential Nomination primary in the comparatively moderate New Hampshire yesterday.  Gaining almost 40% of the vote there, he moves on to South Carolina with two wins under his belt and now looking like the front-runner nationally.  Joining him in the ultra-conservative state will be Ron Paul,who came a good [...]

USA: Democracy or Dollarcracy? The impact of Super PACs

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

The next US Presidential Elections won’t take place until November 2012 but judging from the fact that possible candidates have been promoting themselves throughout the media for the last year I must presume that American politicians believe that the early bird catches the worm. On a more sinister note, they also seem to believe the truism that money buys [...]

The Eight Republican Characters of Comedy

US Presidential Elections - Republican nominations

With the current deluge of US political TV debates, it struck me recently that the Republicans aren’t searching for a presidential nominee to challenge Barack Obama but are piloting a new reality sitcom: The Eight Republican Characters of Comedy. For the uninitiated, The Eight Characters of Comedy is a book by Scott Sedita which suggests that successful sitcoms [...]

The Republican Presidential Nomination Race 2012: Santorum or Sinner?


As an ex-pat Brit living in the USA for the past two years I long for access to the BBC with its high-quality drama and documentaries and its blissful lack of advertising breaks.  For months now, however, I have been glued to US TV by the numerous Republican debates and the left-wing comedy programmes that [...]

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