BBC Weather Forecast Missing The Mark

Is it just me or has the BBC weather forecast recently changed its format? I’m not complaining about the accuracy of the forecasts. I used  to be able to watch the BBC evening and late night local and national weather forecasts and know what the weather was likely to be for the following evening. Now it appears that the animated weather sequence stops at 4pm for the next day. Not at all useful of you want to decide whether to go sailing or out for a walk after work the next day – or even whether to take an umbrella.

In their infinite wisdom, someone at the BBC has decided to cut the animation for 4pm until midnight and instead use the time to tell us all the weather for some significant event, often covered by the BBC  (eg Wimbledon recently). The first few times I saw it I thought it was a mistake but it happens so frequently now it must  be policy. I am making it my personal mission to track down the BBC producer who has taken this decision and made the BBC weather forecast useless as far as I am concerned. I will try and explain that the BBC, whilst  light years ahead of the competition on the weather, is now missing the mark on providing useful information on broadcast TV.

Maybe I can persuade them to re-instate the weather sequence for the following evening’s forecast.  Publicise BBC events by all means but if you are going to take time from the weather forecast then just avoid the flying around the country sequence that weather presenters seem to love. This element of the forecast is usually a complete waste of space for most of us. It always makes me laugh when the presenter is talking about Northern Ireland as the graphic has already moved on to Scotland.  Very few of the presenters can time their comments or hand gestures to the movement of the graphic.

BBC weather, please get a grip.


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