Dancing on Ice – Who Will Win The Battle Of The Cleavage?

Wow, it’s all about the cleavage on Dancing on Ice this year.  We have only just got past the third show and there have already been three boob stories.

 In third position is Phil Schofield’s new side-kick Christine Bleakley whose wardrobe has been compared and scrutinised after replacing was last year’s Dancing on Ice co-host Holly Willoughby who became famous for her long dresses and deep cleavage!  Christine has been quoted to have said that she will ‘ease us in slowly’ on that front, so watch this space!

  1. In second place is dark horse Dancing on Ice coach Karen Barber who had a breast enlargement after dropping from a size 16 to a size 8 with the Hay Diet which warns against eating carbohydrates with proteins.  I bet boyfriend Christopher Dean is a happy man!
  2. But this year it is Olympian and Dancing on Ice judge Katrina Witt who has truly stolen the limelight from Holly ‘Willoughbooby’.  The fact Katarina posed for Playboy in 1998 is probably less of a surprise having now seen a series of impressive peep-hole tops that she has been donning over recent weeks!

But as everyone gets comfortable and neck lines plunge, in the battle of the cleavage will Katrina Witt stay the front runner?  After all it is Louie Spence who said before the show started, “That’s what I’m bringing to the show — cleavage!”

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